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As your partner in medical billing, Panacea Solutions understands the importance of communication and transparency. We take communication a step above giving our clients full access to their dedicated team via email and phone. 

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End To End Medical Billing Services

We can eliminate your claims backlog and streamline the entire Medical Billing Process– Our experienced team works with any medical specialty and insurance (including Workman’s Compensation). Learn about our RCM solutions below and how we can quickly integrate into your practice and solve your RCM problems.

Full-Service Revenue Cycle Management

Let the experienced team at Panacea Solutions manage the entire Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process or just one step.

Step 1

Eligibility check, demographic verification, & authorization

Step 2

Collection of copayments and balances

Step 3

Claim creation validation and submission

Step 4

Follow Up On Denials

Step 5

Claim follow up

Step 6

Statement sent to patient

Step 7

Collecting payment from patient

Step 8

Analytics and reporting

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Medical offices trust Panacea Solutions for their Medical Billing Services because we are dedicated to making the process of revenue collection simple and reliable. We work closely with in-office teams and offer solutions for your entire billing process or just a portion of the process for your medical office. Whether you want help with a backlog of claims or you want us to manage your entire Revenue Cycle Management, Panacea Solutions is ready to assist your medical office in generating more revenue.

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