Medical Practice Solutions

Panacea Solutions is the best choice in remote Scribe and Revenue Cycle Management for your medical practice. Whether your practice needs assistance with charting, pre-authorizations, copay collections or the entire suite of services we provide; our team of professionals is ready to streamline and improve your key processes and make the practice of practicing medicine simpler and better for your office and your patients. Learn how we can help.

Billing Services

Full Revenue Cycle Management or just a sticking point for your practice. Learn how we make RCM go more smoothly.

Remote Scribe

A dedicated medical Scribe that charts while you attend to patient care and charts according to your standards.


Make your documentation more efficient with Panacea's HIPAA-compliant transcription services.

Proven Solutions

Medical offices trust Panacea Solutions because we are a HIPAA compliant service provider to medical practices in every specialty area. We work with any insurance provider, including workman’s comp, and can save your provider and office staff countless hours in paperwork, increase patient contacts, generate more revenue through better collection and authorization practices all while improving provider and staff satisfaction.  

Our Offerings

Panacea Solutions can help any size medical practice in any specialty area like; dermatology, pediatrics, anesthesia, geriatrics, dermatology – any medical specialty area.

See how Panacea Solutions has helped medical practices and decide if we are the solution for your practice too.

Revenue Cycle Management

Learn about how we improve RCM for or Medical practice clients.

Our Remote Scribe Offering

See how we improve patient contacts and decrease physician workload for our clients.

Medical Transcription Services

Our transcription service improves turn-around times and reduce errors.

IT Managed Services

Our search for IT support stops here. Panacea has the solutions for your IT problems big and small.

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